SUMMER CONCERT 2013: Saturday, August 24th!

Blue Rock is thrilled to host both 8 Ball Aitken and Alice Wallace…new performers to this venue, but no strangers to stages all over the United States, Australia, and beyond. We’re in for a treat—-great musicianship, compelling story-telling, foot-stomping energy, and some plain old down-to-earth humanity.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8 Ball Aitken is like a redneck preacher at the shotgun wedding between country and blues. It doesn’t matter which part of the family you’re from — what does matter is the funky hullaballoo at the all-night party afterwards. Hailing from Far North Queensland, Australia, (now Nashville based), he grew up as a teenager in a run-down tobacco shed, making a living picking tropical fruits by day, and picking guitars by night.

A life-changing conversation with an Aboriginal elder, who told him he should pursue a career in music, convinced 8 Ball to pack his bags, grab his guitar, and leave the farm to meet his destiny.

8 Ball Aitken is currently touring with his sizzling hot live album, ‘Alive In Tamworth’. 8 Ball’s song ‘Yellow Moon’ was recently part of the soundtrack on the hit USA television show, ‘Justified’. He has won numerous awards and had Top Ten country hits in Australia. He is a touring animal, playing 200 gigs a year. 8 Ball has performed at festivals and clubs throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. He’s toured in Japan four times, where he headlined the popular Rokko Sun Music Festival. He has also played extensively in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Fiji, and the UK. And now, he’s conquering America!

IMG_1560Alice Wallace gives a nod, at times, to blues and rock, but her music is undeniably folk at heart. With a style that falls somewhere between the crooning of Emmylou Harris and the bluesy timbre of Bonnie Raitt, Alice draws from the simple and honest folk melodies she learned from her father when crafting her songs about life, love and the pursuit of that ever-elusive happiness.
Since releasing her debut album in November 2011, Alice has been garnering attention and praise from around the country for her blend of folk, blues, country, and rock.
This year, Alice made the decision to quit her full-time job and devote herself completely to her budding music career. Between that big decision, and Alice’s nomination to compete in the Orange County Music Awards Best Live Band competition, Alice’s list of press accolades has grown considerably in the past few months. Her performance in the OC Music Awards was called “polished, vibrant, and with a voice as rich as the sun” by nationally-known Los Angeles radio station KROQ.”

 “One listen to Alive In Tamworth has you living the blues, feeling it, understanding the primal grooves raining down in spades. This is blues from the swamp, and you need to get on board.” Samuel J. Fell (Rhythms Magazine / Rolling Stone)


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