About Blue Rock

StarTrek BevCRPshortThe Blue Rock House Concert series got its name for two very different reasons, important to me, but perhaps merely amusing to everyone else. The first is easier to explain: Musically, I like both blues and rock (I also enjoy and host other music genres as well). Second, as an artist and avid Star Trek fan, I designed my garden to resemble the type of futuristic paradise that the crew of the Enterprise might want to explore on shore-leave. The key feature is clear blue rocks, which light up at night.

BlueRockPicnicWEBI’ve always loved live music, but detested large crowds, traffic jams, distance from the stage, and all the other hassles of going to large venues. When I was at Stanford, I was the official concert photographer for the Stanford Daily, and got spoiled by great seats and back-stage passes. So, in 2004, I began hosting bands at my home, an intimate garden setting with great seating and easy parking, where you can relax and hang out with the musicians on break and after the show.


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